The average wage of a worker in the City of London is three times the average wage of a worker anywhere else in the country. And it’s not foreigners who are paying, you are. If you had your pension in Holland, you would get 50% more for your money , because you don’t get ripped off there in unjustified fees. Don’t go looking to the Tories to change it, if you do you’ll be waiting a long time since their party is funded by the City. Don’t go looking to the Labour Party to change it either, since their party is funded by the trades unions and when they were in power they could have legislated to outlaw large contributions to party funding but did not do so because of the trades union barons and their fear that the party would be left penniless.

The savings of the citizens of this country should be invested in industry to ensure that there are plenty of jobs for ordinary working people. This will not happen while we are busy propping up the banking Casino, where the average pay of a man in the City of London is £100,000 a year.

Don’t expect any newspaper to tell you this. Newspapers are commercial products who depend on City advertising to make a profit and they are not about to bite the hand that feeds them. If you want to know the truth, look on the Internet since you are more likely to find people there who do not have a commercial interest in misleading you.

What is needed is a Bank of Reconstruction set up by the people who live above the line which goes from the Severn to the Wash who are now trapped jobless in town after town denuded of industry . Stop putting your money in the rip-off City of London.
Is a Bank What is needed, Of Reconstruction Bank It’s a What is needed It is a bank of Reconstruction What is needed

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